The World Floor Covering Association (WFCA) and its leadership have adopted a new flooring industry initiative by creating a non-profit organization named the Floor Covering Education Foundation (FCEF) to solve the pending "Installer Crisis". A crisis losing 3k to 6K installers a year.

The FCEF solution:

The Flooring Industry Will Lose Another Installer In...

Another Installer Has Been Lost!

Installer Being Lost

Installer Crisis Progression

The Number of Installers Lost Since the FCEF Infancy in December 2019


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Vote "YES" on FCEF?

Because installers deserve a surviving change with the best "Solutions"

#HelpingTheFCEF so #InstallersSucceed

Projected FCEF Model Solutions

The below graphs and data are projected results 

Number of Installers

Gain vs Loss

FCEF Gain vs Loss

The number of 9,000 installers is a total after losing 3,000 a year.

Source: Blackstone Group Report 2019

FCEF Gain Loss

Absorption Rate

It can be assumed that other Industry affiliated companies will absorb the 3,357 installer loss.

FCEF Supporting Installers (Recruits) Solutions

Floor Covering Education Foundation Representation

Recruit representation from the Floor Covering Education Foundation would be helpful during their progress in becoming a trade professional installer during and after the FCEF program.

FCEF's Major Expenses

Broken down into 4 Categories


$2,000 given to each qualified Recruit.

Running Cost

Trucking staff, truck cost, maint., fuel, 30k miles, etc.

Foregiveness Loans

$1,000 returned to Recruit after completion.

Other Expenses

Purchase of Tractor, trailer, marketing, etc.


Largest expense, 1/2 of all expenses.  This may increase or decline based on the number of Recruits in the program annually.  

Running Cost

This includes 2 trucks, and cost of running the trucks.  This doesn't include other employee costs, event costs, etc.

Foregiveness Loans

This expense is attributed to retaining 1,833 Recruits/yr. Assuming all 1,833 full fill their program obligations.

Other Expenses

Truck and trailer cost are one-time purchases and a depreciating metric.  Marketing is 2% of revenue and low to make projections work for a 2 truck model.

Revenue as a Sustainable Solution for Success

As long as Contributions are Constant - Installer Win!

FCEF Recruits

Recruits & Sponsors (dealers)

$11.3 M from Recruits and Sponsors (dealers) is 49% of all revenue.  The success of the FCEF is their ability to marry Recruits with Sponsors is half the work.  Enough willing Sponsors and a good economy are equally important to FCEF's success.

Industry Partner Contributions

$10M is 43% of revenue.  The success of the FCEF will result in a large number of Recruits coming into the Installer program.  More importantly, the FCEF will need more contributions from partners to sustain any progress.

FCEF Industry Partner Contributions
FCEF Other Revenue

Other Revenue

Over $2 M of Other Revenue, is directly related to Recruit's $1000, WFCA $1 M and investment return contributions. All are relational but not sustainable.

Trucking Industry has a Driver Shortage Crisis Too?

In Oct. 2019 the American Transportation Research Institution discusses Top 10 Industry Issues for 2019

FCEF Driver Shortage

Other Solution?

FCEF's Story

In Almost One Year, with no Updates.
Where are the FCEF Solutions?
Installers are waiting to Believe.

FCEF Facebook
FCEF Linkedin
FCEF Instagram

FCEF Official Website from the WFCA

Note:  We tried using an <iframe> code so you could see Live updates, but the WFCA rejected the connection.  As you can see there's not much to it.  It's only one page deep with not very much information provided.

FCEF Website from WFCA

FCEF Model 1 - Worst Case

2 Trucks | 50 Seats | 3 Years | FCEF's Goal of 5,500 Installers Recruited & Placed (R&P)

FCEF Gain Per Event
FCEF Positive Cash Flow
FCEF Installer Acquisition Cost
FCEF Total Expenses
FCEF Installers (R&P)

FCEF Model 2 - Best Case

1 Truck | 50 Seats | 3 Years | FCEF's Goal of 5,500 Installers Recruited & Placed (R&P)

FCEF Gain Per Event
FCEF Positive Cash Flow
FCEF Installer Acquisition Cost
FCEF Total Expenses
FCEF Installers (R&P)

Is the FCEF Ready for the Installer Crisis?

FCEF Solve Installer Crisis

Vote "YES" on FCEF?

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Does TilingMyWay want the FCEF to Succeed?

Of course! Bringing in new talent during good and bad times will always be a concern in the industry. And the time couldn't be better!

Many changes are on the horizon for all professional in our great industry. And no time is more important than now to get involved in helping all organizations to understand "You".  This especially includes the FCEF.

The more the FCEF understands how they are meeting industry needs, the better it is for all of us. The FCEF's success is TilingMyWay's success and why we are pressing the FCEF in how they spend theirs and others time and money, as efficiently as possible.

The "Installer Problem" is an important one and we are here to see the FCEF prevail, even if that means changing their minds for success.

Why should I Vote YES on the FCEF?

Great question, because their success and failure will affect you.

We referenced the Oxford Dictionary the following definition for the word "Crisis", "A time when a difficult or important decision must be made." 

The FCEF is building dreams, in that their decisions provide "solutions" to our pending "Installer Crisis".  Solutions that we find are too slow, too costly for very little industry benefit.

More importantly, when those dreams turn into nightmares, other people pay for it.  Installers (new and current) deserve better!

Vote YES to keep Scott Humphrey and the FCEF Board of Directors accountable in providing adequate solutions.

Want to learn more about the FCEF?

So do we 🙂  This website provides all the latest news and postings from the FCEF and as you can see it's not much.  Demand more by emailing Scott Humphrey and request that he gives everyone an update immediately!

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